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price ( € / month ) €1,900 price ( HUF / month ) 770.000 HUF Ref. no. 96277 size 102 sqm Bedrooms 1 Location district 5 View Street Floor 2 Furnished Yes Air conditioned Yes


We are offering fully renovated 102 sqm apartment in Sas utca, next to the Bazilika. The street facing property is situated on the 2nd floor in a beautiful classical style building. The public transportation connections are extraordinary The apartment is newly renovated.

Next to the spacious living room, there is a sleeping area and 1 extra bedroom.

Utility cost is 400 EUR HUF includes common cost, overhead cost and cleaning once a week. Only for long term rent! All inclusive 2600 EUR.

The property is located within the cirecle on the map.

The highlighted monthly rental fee is for long term rent, based on a minimum 12 months agreement. Our EUR price is only indicative. The calculation is base on the rate of 1 EUR = 406 HUF. Photos are illustrative, any description made or referred on this site are subject to availability, do not constitute an offer and may be withdrawn or revised by ManageRent Kft. (or by the operator) at any time.

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