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Not Only an Apartment: An Attractive Product

As frist step of our property management service we give you a comprehensive report about the condition of your apartment. This report includes a list of suggestions how your property could be more attractive on the market, what kind of works are necessary to be done and how you could reach a higher rent. Once the property is ready for use we take high quality professional photos, write a property description and upload your property to populary extrenal listing pages and to our own websites.

Somebody or a Reliable Tenant?

Bring potential tenants to your apartment is an important step, but a to choose the best one is more important. We have a working tenant screening method and a team of experienced colleagues to avoid potential bad tenant issues right at the begining.

Everything is Paid in Time

It is a good thing to have a tenant, but it is much better to get the your income in time. Even the best tenant may forget to pay in time... We make sure your renant will be noticed about due dates of rental fee and utility payments.

Up-to-Date Informations

Your dedicated account manager will proactively let you know about each important property issue, such as rental offers, tenant move-ins, tenant move-outs and upcoming maintenance issues and she will respond your questions accordingly.

Transparent Financial Balances

We provide 24/7 online acces to your financial balances to make the transactions easy to understand. Forget complicated balance statements, sit back and follow the updates on you smart phone!

In-House English Speaking Accountant 

Beyond flat management, if the client needs, we can provide a full tax and accounting service to be sure your books are kept in order. Hungary is notorious for regular and constant changes to its lengthy tax code and as such we advise clients to make sure they have representation this this regard.


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