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price ( € ) €422,000 price ( HUF ) 165.000.000 HUF Ref. no. 393948 size 211 sqm Bedrooms 4 Location district 11 View Garden Floor 2 Balcony Yes Elevator Yes Air conditioned Yes Garage Yes


*****For sale in Sasad, in a quiet street, the entire second floor of an 8-apartment apartment building.*****

There used to be two separate apartments on the first floor, which we bought and stripped down to the basics in order to open them together to create a large living space, but we did not finish this renovation due to moving abroad.

The new walls are already in place according to the new floor plan, which was designed for the following rooms:
-living room-kitchen-dining room (these are in a huge space of 64 m2)
- 3 bedrooms
- office or guest room
- wardrobe (the washing machine and dryer are also planned here)
- chamber
-2 bathrooms + 1 guest toilet.

This is the current preparation, the walls are standing accordingly. A complete interior design and interior design plan is available, but since only the walls are still standing and they can be easily dismantled, anything can still be changed.

The special feature of the apartment is that there are huge windows all around on the south, west and north sides, so every room in the apartment is extremely bright and sunny.

The apartment has a total of 4 terraces, 3 of which are south (facing the garden) and 1 north-eastern (facing the street).

The useful floor area of ​​the apartment is 169 square meters, plus a 40.5 square meter terrace. According to the property sheet, it is 211 sqm!!!

According to the completed plans, the apartment would operate with a heat pump, which in practice would mean floor heating and ceiling cooling. It used to work with a gas boiler and radiators, which we dismantled, but there is no obstacle to renovating it either.

The house has a total of 8 apartments, 2 per floor.
There is an elevator from the garage to the 2nd floor, so directly to the entrance of the apartment.

The price of the property is 422,000 euros, which does not include the garage spaces and storage rooms that can be purchased.

The apartment includes:
- a normal-sized garage space (14m2), the price of which is 17,500 EUR
- a large garage space (32m2), which is currently designed as a 6m2 storage space (18,750 EUR) and a 26m2 garage space (32,500 EUR), but can easily be converted into a double garage space
- two pcs. storage (4-4m2), the price of which is 12,500-12,500 EUR. The containers are dry, covered on the sides and can be locked with a key.

Garages and storage rooms can be purchased, but at least 1 garage and 1 storage room must be purchased for the apartment.

The price of the property, including garages and storage rooms, is 515,750 thousand euros.

Electric car charging is available in the garages. The covering of the garage and the storage rooms are both synthetic resin.

The garden is a huge ancient tree garden, full of plants, it also has a pool suitable for swimming, a sauna and a playground. An automatic irrigation system has been installed in the garden and a gardener maintains the garden.

- HUF 76,000, which includes all costs related to the operation of the condominium (garbage fee, common representative fee, elevator costs, gardener, pool maintenance, etc.)

The neighborhood is a quiet, peaceful, extraordinary green garden city, buses 8, 139 and 53 are all a 5-10 minute walk from the house. The entrance section of the M1/M7 motorway is approx. 5-6 minutes from the house, but the noise of the highway is no longer noticeable at the house. Lake Balaton can be reached by car in 60 minutes from the house. There are many kindergartens, schools, playgrounds and sports fields in the area, as well as the nearby Gazdagréten swimming pool, as well as Spar, Aldi, CBA Prima, Penny, numerous pharmacies, several post offices and other service providers.

The apartment's two stairwell entrances each have 1 extremely high-security design entrance door, which are manufactured but not yet installed. Their value is several million forints and they form part of the purchase price.
Unused construction material for the apartment is also available, which is also included in the price.

The condominium has no debt, the finances are in order, and the residential community of the staircase is cohesive.

A perfect choice for families with children! Feel free to search, it can be viewed flexibly!

The property is located within the cirecle on the map.

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