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price ( € ) €298,200 price ( HUF ) 119.000.000 HUF Ref. no. 423731 size 444 sqm Bedrooms 5 Location Solymár View Garden Floor Balcony Yes


We offer for sale a 444 sqm house on a 1558 sqm ground. The house offers a lot of opportunities for his new owner. The property consists of 3 parts which can be used seperately or in one. The first and second part is operating as a hostel for workmen and gives place to about 40 people. There are several storage rooms. The rear part of the building is the residential building and is still in use. The floors have seperate entrances. It has a spacious and cosy garden in which the really nice garden house is located. In it we find a comfy wine cellar. The garden area has a seperate toilett. The condition of the building itself is good and maintained. It can be renovated or torn down partially or completely. For more information, please feel free to contact me.

The property is located within the cirecle on the map.

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Managerent Kft.
1132 Budapest, Váci út 22-24. 3.em.
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