Apartment is Still a Good Investment - But it Does Matter How We Choose It

February 12th, 2018

Whether you buy it for yourself or for investing, location must be your top criteria. Though, if you are looking for an apartment for investment, you should consider even more - we give you some tips on how to choose.


First of all, we may wonder what the secret of good location is? Budapest is also a special city in two ways: either people come here to study or work, they are looking for the right flats. Therefore, when choosing the investment it is important to find a location near to universities and colleges, and it should have an easy access to public transport - the proximity of the M3 subway stands out. Property with such features will soon find its owner.

Panel or brick?

If you have a good location, decide the price. A panel flat can be a good choice in this aspect as it is much cheaper than its brick-built competitors. Even if it needs renovation, panel apartment just as easily find its new tenant as a brick-built property, so it can bring the costs back quickly.


It is worth considering in many cases the possibility of credit payment, if we are to buy real estate for investment. Banks today offer a number of favorable conditions, and if we make a good decision, we can quickly unburden the apartment. For the repayment fee can be covered from most of the rent or even wholly, and the cost of maintaining the apartment is not borne by the investor.

The right choice of location, clever solutions, and well-founded decisions can help to make a successful investment. All in all, it is worth investing in apartments for rent.



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