Mild Decrease in Apartment Prices?

March 20th, 2018

In February this year, one could rent a flat in Budapest at an average price of 140,000 forints, which is a little more than how much one must pay for an apartment in the countryside. In August last year was the peak in prices, the average price was around 150,000 forints for renting an apartment. The current price index shows a slight decrease in the price of rent.

The most expensive district in the capital still remains the 5th district, where the average rent is 200 thousand forints. The other end is the 23rd district where we can find an apartment for 90 thousand forints.

However, the change does not necessarily mean a steady trend. The increase in supply was clearly evident in the capital and rural markets as well, which is why it seems that there is a slight decrease in prices.


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