St Patricks Day in Budapest

November 20th, 2017

After being kidnapped by Irish raiders, Patrick spent his years in exile as a shepherd. One day he found the Lord, and found his destiny too: he shall be a priest and convert the pagan Irish to Christianity. Patrick flee from the field to the coast, where a ship was waiting to take him home. And so the journey - and the tradition - began...


Who wouldn’t know the tradition of the Irish that exists since centuries? St. Patrick's Day, the greenest celebration of all times with shamrocks, parade céilithe and so much more. All over the globe, on the 17th March, you certainly run up against a St. Patrick’s Day festival. And it is true for Budapest too.


The Irish-Hungarian Business Circle (IHBC) organizes St. Patrick’s Day Festival for 7 years on the streets of Budapest and holds the very special St. Patrick’s Day Gala Dinner since 2008. As part of the festival screenings of Irish films are organized, street parades are led, and people of Budapest has the chance to wear something green on this special day.


If you have never attended a St. Patrick’s Day parade, you sure have to rush next year and wear your greenest outfit, because you don’t know what you are missing until you try it. And here’s the assurance: you won’t regret it.

St. Patrick’s Day Symbols


The Shamrock:

According to legend, Saint Patrick used the three-leave shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans.



It is a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering, which usually involves Gaelic folk music and dancing.


Wearing green:

The colour of green is associated with Catholics in Irelan, while the colour of orange is associated with Protestant Christians.


The Leprechaun:

It is the Irish name for „small-bodied fellow“, also called as dwarves. Leprechauns had nothing to do with St. Patrick or the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. In 1959, Walt Disney released a film called Darby O'Gill & the Little People, which introduced America to a very different sort of leprechaun than the cantankerous little man of Irish folklore. This cheerful, friendly leprechaun is a purely American invention, but has quickly evolved into an easily recognizable symbol of both St. Patrick's Day and Ireland in general.





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